Strohman Says videos

Angels, by Greg Strohman
Sherie Strohman, flutes and photography
Tom Strohman, flutes
Greg Strohman, trombones and piano

Saints, by Greg and Tom Strohman
Tom Strohman, flutes, clarinets, and saxophones
Greg Strohman, trombones, pianos, and synthesized bass

Twinkle Twinkle, by Greg Strohman, for 8 trombones and 4 pianos

Trombone Concerto, Op. 114: III. Presto by Derek Bourgeois (1989)
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Sentimental Lullaby, by Greg Strohman

Queen of the Night, by W. A. Mozart, arranged for trombone and piano

Flight, by Greg Strohman

Fugue for Four Trombones, by Greg Strohman

Beau Soir, by Claude Debussy, arranged for trombone and synthesized harp

Revolutionary Etude, by Frederic Chopin

Ode, by Ludvig van Beethoven, arranged for 8 trombones and 4 pianos

That’s a Plenty, by Lew Pollack, arranged for trombone and piano

Love’s Enchantment, by Arthur Pryor, for trombone and piano

Joy to the World, arranged for 8 trombones