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Of Peace on Earth, by Greg Strohman
Sherie Strohman, flute and clarinet
Tom Strohman, flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet
Greg Strohman, trombone and piano

Interview of Tom and Greg Strohman by WITF

Angels, by Greg Strohman
Sherie Strohman, flutes and photography
Tom Strohman, flutes
Greg Strohman, trombones and piano

Saints, by Greg and Tom Strohman
Tom Strohman, flutes, clarinets, and saxophones
Greg Strohman, trombones, pianos, and synthesized bass

Glow, by Frank Gulino (ASCAP)
Greg Strohman, piano

Matthew Vaughn, trombone
Greg Strohman, piano

Adam C J Klein, tenor and djembe
Christyan Seay and Debbie Smith, backup vocals
Tami Swartz and Michael Gamon, backup drums
Greg Strohman, piano

John Landis, trumpet
Greg Strohman, piano

Ana Catalina Ramirez, clarinet
Greg Strohman, piano

Christopher Shiley, trumpet
Greg Strohman, piano